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Creating an assessment template

Last Updated: Dec 27, 2017 05:23PM EST

An assessment template is the digital version of the assessment that you would normally print and hand out to students. After you upload your template, Crowdmark will add a unique QR code to each page and generate a printable PDF file containing a booklet for each student. The pages can be any size — including 8.5" x 11", legal, A4, portrait or landscape format.

To be compatible with Crowdmark, your template must meet the following criteria:

  • PDF format. The template must be exported to PDF.
  • A cover page. The first page is where a student will write their name and other personal data. You may include instructions or other information, but note that you will not be able to grade this page. It's important that this is the only page containing identifiable student information.
  • All pages must be the same size and orientation. Crowdmark determines QR code placement based on the center coordinates of the first page. If the following pages are a different size or orientation (landscape or portrait), the QR codes and header information may be superimposed over your assessment content.
  • A white space region on the top each page for QR code placement. A simple way to proceed: leave at least 3.8 cm (1.5 inches) blank at the top of each page.


Download an example template

These documents are formatted so you can simply replace the content with your own. Don't forget to save to PDF before uploading:

This example template is in PDF format and can be uploaded directly to Crowdmark for a test run:


How does the scoring/rubric work?

Crowdmark provides a standard scoring system for all questions. After uploading your template, Crowdmark will ask you to define the location of each question prompt. This is where each question's score will appear. Graders can enter any positive number as a score.

Formatting your template for automated matching (Beta)

If you would like to participate in beta testing of the automated matching feature, you will need to add extra space to the layout of your cover page. In addition to the QR code, Crowdmark will add a region for students to write first name, last name, and student ID number. Please leave a blank space between 9 cm (3.5 inches) and 18 cm (7 inches) down the cover page for this region.

The fields will be matched with student metadata after you upload student work.

See examples below of the Crowdmark-generated QR code and automated matching region (shown in blue). Click the images to enlarge.


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